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7 Ways Online Marketing Helps Your Business Grow

Online marketing is magic!  It creates website visits which produce sales and that mean profits.  It’s that straight forward. Or is it? How does it do that?  Let’s look at seven ways which online marketing can help your business grow.

1.Online Marketing Builds Reputation

Good guys really do finish first.  When you become a trusted and intelligent source of information your business grows. You can build your online reputation by commenting in forums, becoming a guest blogger, offering your valuable information to the media, writing blogs and produce free e-books to potential clients. The more people see your business name scattered through online mediums in a positive manner, the more your business builds its reputation and becomes a trusted business.

2.Online Marketing Increases Brand Knowledge

In online marketing, familiarity doesn’t breed contempt.  It breeds confidence in your product.  We’re all more comfortable with the known than with the unknown.  That’s why we often reach for the same products or go to the same hair dresser or shop at the same online stores time and time again.  Online marketing breeds familiarity.  Repeat customers are the reward.

3.Online Marketing Increases Leads

A lead is an online enquiry. It’s capturing the right qualified enquiry and converting the enquiry to a sale. An enquiry becomes a customer.  A customer becomes a sale.  A sale becomes cash flow.  And cash flow becomes profit. Ensuring you are collecting the correct information and your submission form or contact button is placed in the correct position on your website can make the difference between an enquiry or a website bounce.

4.Online Marketing Increases Cash Flow

Online marketing gets customers to visit your website.  Regardless if they found your website through your high search engine ranking or pay per click advertising – they are there. Now, don’t lose them! Once they’re there, your website appeal persuades them to buy. Make sure you are giving them the information they are looking for and your shopping cart or site navigation is quick and easy to use.  If you’re successful with that, your cash flow will increase.

5.Online Marketing Increases Market Share

Even the biggest corporate companies can’t have all the business.  Some can be yours too.  Online marketing gives customers a choice. It helps you win and keep customers and maybe even steal a few from the competition. Don’t be afraid to put yourself up right next to the ‘big boys’ and steal their key words when online marketing. You will be surprised to see how many people are ready to click on your website instead of theirs.

6.Online Marketing Gives You a Competitive Edge

Pick your top two competitors. Do they have a website? Is their website working well for them? Probably not. Many business owners have created a website that looks good, however it may not be ranking high in search engines or they may not be running pay per click advertising. Some maybe ranking high, but they lose the customer once they visit their site. You need to have a good balance of the two. Having a competitive edge when online marketing is ensuring you execute the correct search engine optimisation techniques giving you a high ranking and have a website that people trust and want to purchase from. It really is that straight forward.\

7.Online Marketing Increases Efficiency

Online marketing works even when you’re sleeping. Having an expert company manage your online marketing, allows you to do what you do best. That maybe provide a service or product.  By using a professional in the field of online marketing and website programming means your business runs efficiency and you increase your return on investment.

So you see this:  Online marketing is like a magic wand that can turn small businesses into big businesses.

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