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So called 'Pay Per Click' advertising, or Adwords, is a necessity if you want your website to be found by the right people. It is, however, a science unto itself, especially as the parameters by which Google operates in their Adwords management are constantly changing. No matter whether you already have an Adwords campaign for your site, or whether you need to start one from scratch, Original Internet Design should be your first point of call...


How We Do It: We will evaluate your website and your existing campaign (if you have one) and use a combination of Google Analytics and other diagnostic tools to determine how your Adwords are working for you.

Some of the things we'll be evaluating are:


•Your keyword usage •Your CTR (click through rate) •Your negative keywords •Your Quality Score •Your bounce rate •Your conversions •Your overall current Adwords spend

We will also be asking you to help us determine your exact target market so we can optimise your keywords and search terms to attract more customers for you.


Google Adwords Management Example


Client Results: Scott, the founder of Original Internet Design, also happens to be an Adwords Qualified Individual, which means he has up-to-the-minute insider knowledge of the way Google is handling Adwords at any given time. As they are constantly changing their parameters, it's invaluable to have that sort of information. In other words, no matter where your campaign is currently at, Scott will be able to make sure you minimise what you spend and maximise the right kind of traffic to your website.

Want proof? Check out this article and see a snapshot of how he's helped another company save thousands of dollars below:

Our Services: When it comes to Adwords, OID can help you in a number of different ways - it all depends on your individual circumstances and needs.

1.We can structure an Adwords campaign for your business from scratch, ensuring you're doing everything right and saving money from the get-go

2.We can evaluate your current campaign and show you how to 'tweak' it in order to ensure you're making the most of your PPC advertising, or

3.You can let us optimise and maintain your Adwords campaign for you with one of our great website maintenance packages


Staying on top of your PPC campaign no longer has to be complicated and time consuming - we're here to help! What's more, we can show you real time statistics of your campaign to prove that it's working!

The Benefits of Adwords Optimisation: Your Adwords campaign should be a tool for you to maximise your online exposure and your profit, however if done incorrectly it can have the opposite effect. You want potential customers to land on your site without having to pay through the nose for random clicks which don't convert for you. If your PPC advertising is done correctly, you can save a lot of money each month by eliminating dud keywords and you can make money by having more people find your website who are actually interested in what your business has to offer.

Contact us today to find out how much you could potentially save and earn by letting Original Internet Design take control of your Adwords.

Our Guarantee: We have yet to come across a campaign which was already optimal. In other words, so far we have helped every single business who entrusted us with their Adwords by saving them money and getting them more, targeted, traffic. Original Internet Design are 100% certain that we can help you, too. Contact us for a free, no obligation Adwords analysis for your website and find out how much you can save!

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