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Why is good copy so important?

These days, your website is effectively your business card. Not only should it be clean, easy to navigate, search engine optimised and professionally designed, it should also be well written.

Great content can be a real asset to your website. Enticing product descriptions, entertaining articles, informative newsletters and well-placed keywords are just a few of the potential aspects of good copy that can be a fantastic marketing tool.

Conversely, plagiarised content, poor grammar and bad spelling will immediately make your prospective clients think you are unprofessional and may cause them to take their business elsewhere.

Sabrina Cox is our resident copywriter and you can read more about her here.

How Sabrina can help you (in her own words):

Put simply, if I'm working on your website, your business becomes my business. I write for you as I would write for my own website and yes, I'm a perfectionist. No matter whether you're selling products, offering a service or merely imparting information to the general public, I do my utmost to understand exactly what you are about and then convey that message to your readers in a language and style they will understand and enjoy.

People read things differently on a computer screen. Studies have shown that smaller, direct messages are much better received than large blocks of text. Your potential clients also have a shorter attention span than in the past, yet they are very wary of being advertised to directly.

The solution? Clean, concise copy which markets your product, service or message subtly but directly.

Composing website content which is not only search engine optimised to ensure higher online visibility but is also engaging for the readers is not easy. However, done correctly it can make an enormous difference to your bottom line. 

Copywriting services offered:

~ Website content (including strategic keywords/SEO)

~ Product descriptions/Advertising blurbs

~ Press Releases

~ Articles

~ Social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

~ Direct mail marketing/Newsletters

~ Proof-reading

~ Editing

~ Advertorials

If you're looking for a copywriting service which combines speed and accuracy with attention to detail, excellent copy and reasonable rates, Sabrina can help!

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