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The Cost Of Software / Web Development In India


I have been managing a lot of Projects lately and have now been part of several major sites or apps that are being developed in India, My overall experience has been mixed, I will explain.

It depends completely on the job you are trying to get done on the outcome, while this could be said everywhere, In India it seems the repetitive easy to explain and out-line jobs are the best achieved. Things like deep etching, redrawing of logos, etc.

For Example

Deep Etching of products @ 50c and Item, with elements photo shopped such as collars and tops of pants zips etc.  Send at Lunch time and get 200 Images perfectly delivered by the next morning.

Next example:  Send a three page word document that we require an Image drawn (Where there is some creativity and interpretation involved) the image needs to be a drawing of a t-shirt with some shading etc.  

Sent to enlace , receive 10-15 freelancers proposals,  after three weeks still do not have what we needed, changes take 3 days, some of the items we received back I am positive they were joking with us.

Explaining the three days,  the time zone means you only have 3 Hours a day, at best, so If you receive a question at 10pm your time and don’t answer until the morning the designer does not get in until 3pm your time, well you see how it goes.

Example 2:  DYO 

DYO Indian Development

Send a pre-determined Layout and design, a comprehensive development brief and several examples of what we need.  We have a version done in Flash that is a reference which I believe made it much easier to scope,  as I could say it needs to have the same functionality but Using html 5 and css, we did the design and UI ourselves and left no room for interpretation, the development was simply coding to our brief.

Sent to Elance, several developers respond, we go with the most credentialed,  I am extremely happy with the result they finish the development on time and in Budget , I had to do most of the testing myself but I am finding this to be the case with all development.

We had this part done for $3k US. We were quoted 40K in Australia.   Great result, it works as expected and they even added a few little things we were going to get done in the next phase. 

For the next Part, we needed the Image elements created, I had always made the two parts of the project separate.  As I have had a great experience with the developer I gave them first option for this part,   they took three weeks to get back to be, I believe because they did not have the expertise in house and tried to outsource it. 

Problem 1 they never tell you these things.

They never told me this though and offered no excuse for the time frame, so after pushing and chasing I finally get a comprehensive quote for 27k to do the drawing and the overlay elements, I fell off my chair. 

No really I did fall off my chair. I thought I’m sacked here.  

I have also asked them to do one drawing that I would pay for as an example to prove they knew what I was trying to accieve (I never received a working element).

The mistake I made here was I should have had several Irons in the fire but they were so good with the first part, oh well you live and you learn.

Go out to India again.

So after 4 weeks lost (Boss really happy about that) I Posted the job to Elance again and got some reasonable quotes, I choose a “Company” (Turns out it is 1 or two Graphics people, again they don’t tell you this) that Quoted 50c an element and did three examples for free over night to prove themselves, the images were perfect and I am still to find someone even In house that can do the transparent image and the overlays this accurately.

They then did the first main 72 Images I needed to test the whole system with, within 3 days.   I went great these are our guys  I then send and organised all of the elements to be done,  I then didn’t hear from them for two weeks,   I send an email, and ask for progress report, and get yes will be tomorrow,  I wait another week,  email again yes by cob tomorrow.  I have the I haev been sick email, will get my friend to do them as well.

Problem 2 they will not tell you the correct Time lines they simply tell you what you need to hear.

6 months later we still waiting for the last elements, ok it has only cost 3k so far but what is the cost of not having this in the market.

I am going to add to this over the next few weeks, come up with a solution and hopefully some advice from my experience.

There's a catch-all phrase that says "You get what you pay for", and it has merit. Logically, it makes sense - the better a product or service is, the more you would be willing pay for it, right?




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I have been managing a lot of Projects lately and have now been part of several major sites or apps that are being developed in India, My...

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