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Defining SEO - Search Engine Optimisation: You need a local with local knowledge to be successful.

Even the best website in the world is worth nothing without traffic. No visitors means no business for you, it really is that simple.

There are plenty of search engines on the Internet but Google is by far the most used, especially in Australia where it managed to retain a whopping 95% of search traffic in 2012. Google Adwords is one way to improve your website's Google ranking but there are other, free SEO methods to increase your online visibility.

Example Google Layout

SEO is an Internet marketing strategy which combines both the use of html coding and the inclusion of specific terms and keywords in the website's copy, meta-tags and titles/headers to ensure your website appears near the top of the list when people search Google for businesses like yours.

When fine-tuning a website for SEO, we need to consider what people are searching for, what terms and phrases they will likely type in to the search engine when looking for your particular business, which search engines they will be using and whether the indexing activities of search engines are able to easily access your website's source codes.


Our Objective:

The first thing we'll do is find out where your website currently ranks in Google and other search engines and where you would like to be. We want to help you optimise your online visibility and utilise all the latest SEO methods available, including social media and fresh content. As the best SEO strategies are constantly evolving, this will be an ongoing process and we're certain that you'll want to maintain your great new rankings once you've reached your personal target. All clients are different, as are their target audiences, so we will naturally work with you to tailor an SEO strategy to suit your individual requirements.

Our Keyword Strategy:

We will work with you in order to work out which keywords are best suited to your industry, business and target audience. By combining the use of Google Adwords, organic SEO (embedding keywords in unique website copy) and by implenting our negative keyword removal method, we aim to maximise the amount of relevant, targeted traffic to your website and help you save money in your PPC advertising.

It's not just about numbers, it's also about reaching the right people - potential customers - and ensuring that you get the highest conversion rate you can. Scott is an Adwords Qualified Individual so let him share his insider knowledge with you in order to help you grow your online business.

Our Implementation:

Search engines are constantly evolving and changing the way they track links, find keywords and trawl website data. This makes it even more important to be up to date on the latest methods of organic SEO. We at OID make it our business to know and implement the most effective ways to ensure that your website consistently has a high Google ranking. We will endeavour to create the best SEO strategy possible, tailored specifically to meet your needs so that you can beat the competition and enjoy all the success that increased traffic and customers brings.

REAL Results.
Great SEO Results

Our Reporting Method:

We want to be able to show you the success you're having due to our SEO strategies, which is why we highly recommend the use of the Google Analytics tool as well as other website analysis software. Analytics allows you to track your results in real time and measure your conversions and rankings. It also makes keeping track of your expenditure easy and is incredibly user friendly.

We'll always be on hand to answer any questions you might have as we believe in honest and open communication with our clients.

Our Communication:

Many online businesses underestimate the power of the copy used on their website, in their blog entries and email marketing campaigns. Great writing can have many positive effects on your personal brand, including: a unique company 'voice', content which people want to share (which will greatly increase your profile on social media sites) and messages which compel visitors to remain on your site and learn more about - or even buy - your product. Well-written, original content shows that you take your business and your customers seriously, and can showcase your professionalism as well as being picked up by the latest search engine crawlers (unique, regularly updated content is currently a brilliant SEO strategy in itself). Sabrina will write for your website as if it was her own and will help find the words to make your business shine online!

Our Ongoing Commitment to your SEO:

OID's first goal is to help you reach your personal SEO target - then we want to make sure you exceed those expectations! SEO strategies and parameters are changing constantly and we want to ensure that you change with them! We keep abreast of the latest SEO techniques and search engine updates so you can always rest assured that your company's SEO is in the best hands. After all, your gain is our gain!


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