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Google Negative Keywords

One of the things I have been doing is identifying negative keywords In the Advertising on Google "Google Adwords campaigns" . 
I have finished the negative keywords for the NRMA parks as of end Feb.
I will use Darlington Beach as an example.
Negative keywords occur because we have listed in Google a broad keyword for eg.: Caravan Park which is current best practice.
Google then determines what keywords to show for this keyword based on lots of factors and doesn't always get it right. So because of the keyword Caravan Park being in our campaign on broad match, Google is showing words like 'Caravan park for sale' or 'victor harbour caravan parks' (For DB) and we are getting charged up to $3.00 a click.
We can't really go back to Google about this because in their terms they will say we are asking to be shown on broad terms, which we are.
So I have been going through the history identifying these broad irrelevant terms and making them not show up any more by setting them as negative keywords.
On the NRMA parks, I estimate the average click per negative keyword to cost $2.
Just Darlington Beach as an example has 235 negatives for last month which is $470 per month. The average is probably much higher than $2 as I am being conservative.
So just by removing these negatives on average we will be saving nearly $500 a month for all parks and will be getting more accurate clicks/customers as well.
Imagine how many companies are paying for keywords that they don't need and the money that must be being wasted on Google.
From the history we can determine the exact keywords. We will eventually get all the campaigns to only have exact match keywords and only pay for the keyword that the customer is typing in that is relevant for the parks.
This will be good for business all round, at least as far as the Internet side of things is concerned.
Thanks Scott

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