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How years of looking after your website can be undone by doing nothing for only a few months

Many of us have tried link building campaigns but these never seem to work. Link building isn’t something that works after just one attempt. After all, you can’t go to the gym and build muscles in two sessions; it takes time.  SEO link building is just like that - a process which takes time to develop.

Typical link building story

Imagine the following scenario: You have a company where almost a fifth of your profits are earned in January. This month is important to your business so for January you stay on top of your link building and organic SEO with tweets to Twitter, producing great content, making regular posts to a blog and creating links to and from your site. After this initial push, you take a step back and let the momentum slide. There are no more blog posts, you never link back to your work on Facebook, your Tweets or on site, and you drop the email campaign that was showing signs of great success. In essence you have stopped building links and with it the organic traffic you have worked so hard to build slowly diminishes. Your sales drop far below that of what you would normally expect during the winter months.

What do you do about this?

Link building and SEO is a dry subject but you need to do it consistently. Here are 5 “Ws” you should keep in mind.

1. Who are you targeting?

You really can’t build successful links until you have an understanding of who you’re building those links for. You are building for users, not for syndicated articles, non-relevant resources or for directories. You need to know about your users before you start your link building campaign. You need to know the basic demographics of your users but you also need to know where thye hang out, what they like, the type sof content they read and so on.

2. What resources are available to you?

When you create links/work on building your organic SEO, you’ll find that it takes a lot of time and effort - but the results can be rewarding. You’ll end up with more traffic and more customers than you have seen in a long time. To do it right you need resources. Before you begin, consider these three big resources you must have:  

  • People – needed to write, develop, promote, and strategise. 
  • Time – Things need to get done, so how much time do you have?
  •  Money – Figure out how much everything is going to cost.

3. Where do you want things to go?

You need to define a number of targets with your SEO strategy and decide how things will come together or where the links will come from. Decide which potential audiences may have an interest in your subject matter/business concept, as people will respond more often if you engage them directly rather than just adding the odd social share or irrelevant Tweet. This ensures you’ll be reaching an interested audience before you launch any sort of campaign with your link building.

4. When do I want people attracted to this?

To turn site visitors into future customers, you need to make sure they know what you're offering. Don’t direct these people to “buy now” pages when they don’t even know who you are yet or why they should pick you over other options available to them.

5. Why should I do this?

Decide why you want to create links. Are you trying to reach a bigger audience? Perhaps you're already getting a lot of traffic but it's not the kind of people you're trying to reach so you want to target a specific group of consumers. Or maybe you have a message you feel is important and you want to share it with as many others as possible. Once you have established your intent and purpose, you can ask yourself how best to go about improving your organic SEO.

Answers might be

  •  I need anchor text added to the site 
  •  I need to join some relevant forums and interact directly with potential customers 
  • I need traffic generated for new terms or products
  • I need to blog regularly and build a following of readers

Spend some time with your link building and you’ll be rewarded for your work. These five “Ways” will get you onto the right track.

If the thought of doing all this work seems overwhelming or too complicated, we can help. OID specialises in managing SEO campaigns for businesses of all sizes and types. For more information, please contact us here.

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