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New to Google Adwords: Enhanced Campaigns

Have you heard the latest news? As of February 2013, Google Adwords are making some huge changes to the way we all run our campaigns, with the introduction of what they're calling "Enhanced Campaigns". 

Here is what it's all about: 

More and more people are accessing the Internet and searching for products and businesses on mobile phones and tablets as well as their computers. Just as you ought to have a mobile phone compatible version of your website, you should consider creating specific Adwords campaigns especially for those smartphone and tablet users. Up until now, the only way to achieve this was to create separate campaigns, one for each target device. 

Apparently, Adwords' Enhanced Campaigns has been designed in order to streamline and simplify the above process, enabling us to change our Adwords to target phones, tablets and computers from within the one campaign. Furthermore, it gives us the ability to reach specific audiences at specific times in target locations. Or, in their words: Enhanced campaigns let you more easily adjust your ads and bids depending on your customers' location, device and time of day - all within a simple campaign. This means better ads for your customers and better results for you.

The 3 main features of the new Adwords are:

1) Advertising tools for multiple devices - You can raise or lower your individual keyword bids depending on the time of day, proximity to your business of the user and what kind of device they're using. In other words, be prepared to pay more if your ad is shown to someone searching on a mobile phone within 2 km of your doorstep during your peak business hours.

2) Customisable ads - Your Google ads can be changed to suit every kind of potential audience depending on what they're looking for and where they are located. Ad variations would include apps, extensions, site link or creative - the potential customer would be shown the most relevant ad to his own individual search parameters.

3) Improved conversion information - This one is going to be very useful; apparently we're going to be able to see not only how many conversions we're getting from each keyword but also how the conversions were made, i.e. whether the customer clicked on your page, called you, downloaded your app and so on.


In case you're wondering when all this is going to take place, we can tell you! Any and all new Adwords campaigns created from now on will automatically include these new 'Enhanced' tools. All your existing, older campaigns from before January 2013 will remain as they were, unless you choose to upgrade them yourself. However, from the beginning of June 2013, all campaigns will automatically be upgraded. 

If you want to read more, here's a link to their very own blog about it all... 

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