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  • New to Google Adwords: Enhanced Campaigns

    Have you heard the latest news? As of February 2013, Google Adwords are making some huge changes to the way we all run our campaigns, with the introduction of what they're calling "Enhanced Campaigns". 

    Here is what it's all about: 

  • How years of looking after your website can be undone by doing nothing for only a few months

    Many of us have tried link building campaigns but these never seem to work. Link building isn’t something that works after just one attempt. After all, you can’t go to the gym and build muscles in two sessions; it takes time.  SEO link building is just like that - a process which takes time to develop.

    Typical link building story

  • 8 Easy, Cheap Ways to Improve your Business Website

    With around 12.6 million Australian adults shopping online within the last year, the need for a good website should be glaringly obvious to all business owners by now.

  • PPC Adwords - Setting a Starting Amount

    Picture this: you're setting up your very own Adwords campaign and, like everyone else, you want to drive as much targeted traffic to your website whilst paying the least possible amount.

    Finding the right keywords is crucial, as is knowing the difference between a key word, ad group and a campaign. Knowledge of negative keywords is also really rather useful, as we have found.

  • 7 Ways Online Marketing Helps Your Business Grow

    Online marketing is magic!  It creates website visits which produce sales and that mean profits.  It’s that straight forward. Or is it? How does it do that?  Let’s look at seven ways which online marketing can help your business grow.

    1.Online Marketing Builds Reputation

  • Google Negative Keywords

    One of the things I have been doing is identifying negative keywords In the Advertising on Google "Google Adwords campaigns" . 
    I have finished the negative keywords for the NRMA parks as of end Feb.
    I will use Darlington Beach as an example.
    Negative keywords occur because we have listed in Google a broad keyword for eg.: Caravan Park which is current best practice.
  • How To Encourage Comments on Your Blog

    How To Encourage Comments On Your Blog

  • How To Structure An Adwords Campaign

    1. Pull all the keywords* from the list that are currently being displayed under other broad terms.
    Choose the last 3 - 6 months.
    Click on Treasure Island > Accommodation > Select Keywords, then click on ‘See search terms all’. Add the keywords that come up to the list. Make a separate note of negative keywords as you come across them.

  • How To Make the Most of Your Website: Top Tips for organic SEO

    How To Make the Most of Your Website: Top Tips for organic SEO


    Everyone knows that you can pay Google to achieve higher rankings on their search engine but there are plenty of free (so called “organic”) methods too.

    We’ve compiled a list of tips you should follow if you want a more successful online presence. They’re in no particular order but the more of them you take on board, the greater your chance of being found by that elusive Google search bot!


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Google has released a new algorithm to provide a more useful, relevant and accurate local search results that are tied more closely to...

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