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Why choose Original Internet Design?

Building a website from scratch takes a lot of work. From the programming to the design, from the copy to the marketing, from the advertising to the e-commerce, there are many, many aspects to consider.

Furthermore, all of the elements are equally important. Your website could be the easiest to navigate but what's the point if there are no visitors to enjoy that feature? Your copy could be sparkling but if your online shopping cart doesn't work properly, your customers won't be able to buy anything.

 There are plenty of companies out there who specialise in one or two of the components of website building and design.

You could hire a programmer to create the site, a designer to come up with eye-catching graphics, a copywriter to provide the content, an e-commerce specialist to install/run the merchant software and a SEO company to handle the marketing side of things.

They would all charge separately and the chances that your site would 'flow' are slim if all contributors are working independently of one another.

Alternatively, you could go to one company which not only handles all the elements of getting a fantastic website off the ground but specialises in all those different fields. That's where we come in. One company, one concept, one port of call for all enquiries and assistance for the entire process of creating or revamping your website, from start to finish.

Services we provide:

  • Design, hosting, programming, domain name registration
  • Copywriting, editing, proofreading
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Google AdWords Management
  • SEO/Marketing
  • Support, advice, feedback
  • Monthly maintenance packages to suit any budget

If that's not enough...

We here at Original Internet Design not only specialise in the above - we are business owners ourselves. Who better to understand what's important to you than someone who's in the same position?

So whether you want to create a whole new online business presence, have a website you feel could do with a bit of a fine-tune or want us to take the Adwords and social media maintenance off your hands, contact us today for a free consultation! We can't wait to hear from you.

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