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How To Structure An Adwords Campaign

1. Pull all the keywords* from the list that are currently being displayed under other broad terms.
Choose the last 3 - 6 months.
Click on Treasure Island > Accommodation > Select Keywords, then click on ‘See search terms all’. Add the keywords that come up to the list. Make a separate note of negative keywords as you come across them.
(*These keywords come up because there are broad keywords in the lists. Google then chooses which to show and how much to charge for them. By doing the above you will undoubtedly find some long tail keywords that could be better managed.)

2. Identify negative keywords for all existing campaigns.
This needs to be done before any changes are made as you will need to utilise your current keyword history.
Apply the negative keywords to the campaign level - ensure they are in all the campaigns and not just the keyword lists.

3. Re-organise keywords from existing campaigns into tighter keyword groups.
Aim to have no more than 6 keyword combinations and at least 2 targeted ads per group. Google looks for themes.

Example - Campaign: ‘Accommodation’ (based on Impressions)
New Campaign: ‘Gold Coast Accommodation’.
Keywords: ‘gold coast accommodation’, ‘accommodation gold coast’, ‘cheap accommodation gold coast’

New Campaign: Holiday Accommodation Gold Coast’
Keywords: ‘holiday rentals gold coast’, ‘holiday apartments gold coast’, ‘holiday houses gold coast’

Both the title and the body of the ad should contain the keyword and the landing page representative of the keyword or theme. For example, all ads/keywords related to caravan and camping should take the user straight to the caravan and camping sections of the website, not just the homepage.
Once all the campaigns have been sorted in this manner you can go ahead and split the keywords into ‘broad phrase’ and ‘exact keywords’.

Treasure Island > Campaign
Accommodation Gold Coast Broad**
gold coast accommodation
accommodation gold coast
cheap accommodation gold coast
(** Use broad keywords to find new exact keywords and you will eventually have, if not all of them, those that matter. You can also add the exact keywords as negatives to the broad campaigns so that Google relies on the exact keywords for traffic.)
Delete or re-organise keywords that have a score less than 3.

Accommodation Gold Coast Exact
gold coast accommodation
accommodation gold coast
cheap accommodation gold coast

Accommodation Gold Coast Phrase
gold coast accommodation
accommodation gold coast
cheap accommodation gold coast
Check the cost of phrase keywords and compare them to exact keywords. You will also find some keyword terms here to add to the exact list.

Once you are satisfied with the lists you can duplicate the campaigns into specific Mobile and/or Tablet groups.
Mobile campaigns can be linked directly to the new mobile sites. Ads more specific to a mobile search can also be created.

4. Other things you can do.
- Price all keywords individually rather than by campaign. This allows you to ensure you are above the first page bid estimates and manage your ads by average position.

- Give all keywords an individual destination URL with tracking code and cookie, land ads on specific pages/sections of the website. This gives you complete control of tracking and what the customer sees based on their search.

- Lower bids on keywords for which you are already on page one in organic searches. Paying top dollar for keywords that already land you in a prime search position is pointless. It is better to aim for positions 7 - 8 on average for these search terms.

- The ultimate goal is to have exact keywords for all campaigns and eventually switch off all your broad keywords.

- You can see what keywords your competitors are using here: http://www.keywordspy.com - this is a good place to start when creating a completely new campaign.

- Split test your campaigns so you can see which ones are working better.

- Ideally you will check your campaigns on a daily basis to keep an overview of your ongoing costs and search positions.

By following the suggestions above you stand a good chance of reducing your Adwords costs and simultaneously increasing your CTR and conversions. At the end of the day you are aiming to generate more targeted traffic for less money. Good luck!

By Sabrina Cox

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