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How To Make the Most of Your Website: Top Tips for organic SEO

How To Make the Most of Your Website: Top Tips for organic SEO


Everyone knows that you can pay Google to achieve higher rankings on their search engine but there are plenty of free (so called “organic”) methods too.

We’ve compiled a list of tips you should follow if you want a more successful online presence. They’re in no particular order but the more of them you take on board, the greater your chance of being found by that elusive Google search bot!

1. Your website content should be as unique and awesome as you or your trusty copywriter can make it. Quality articles or fascinating blogs have the tendency to be shared by readers. Result? Much more traffic for your site.

2. Use your keyword as anchor text for external links. Example: Your keyword is “cheap hotel room”. Users can reach your page (http://www.billyshotel.com/rooms) by clicking on a link that says ‘cheap hotel rooms'.

3. Use your keyword as the anchor text for outbound links too.

4. Make sure your keyword is at the beginning or at least near the beginning of your title tag.

5. If you are able to get your keyword in to your domain name (“http://www.keyword.com”), it will make a huge difference.

6. Put your keyword in your heading tag as well as your title tag. In fact, put it in all your tags as much as you can whilst still making sense. Putting it in bold or italics helps as well.

7. Use your keywords sparingly; once or twice on each page is sufficient. The quality of your copy is far more important than so-called 'keyword stuffing' these days. 

8. Use a key phrase as an alt text/description/title for any images on your website.

9. Article authority can give you a very strong online presence. If people often come back to your site to read your quality articles, Google will realise it and rank you higher.

10. Believe it or not, the remaining length of your domain registration can also be a factor. Genuine sites tend to be registered for longer, proving that yours is a legitimate website run by real people, not spambots.

11. The more external links to a page you have, the better. Every time someone clicks on one of these links, it’s like a vote for your website!

12. Social media. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn et al. are the new Powers That Be when it comes to free online marketing. Get in on the action!

13. Lots of links back to your site from a different website are a good thing. Lots of links back to your site from lots of different websites are an even better thing.

14. Ensure that any links to outside pages are good quality and land your users on legitimate websites that they will enjoy.

15. Google recognises internal link popularity. The more links on your website that point back to a certain page of your site, the more important that page appears to be.

16. Make sure your webpage has a meta description.

17. Your website should have an XML sitemap.

18. Make sure that your page html is valid to WBC standards.

19. Once you’ve reached a decent ranking, don’t assume you’ve done all you need to do. SEO is a constant process and you will need to check back regularly to make sure you’re still doing everything you can to stay high up in those search engines.

20. Search engine optimisation is essentially comprised of the following factors: text (good content and keyword usage), links (both internal and external), popularity (an easy to use, quality site is easy to love) and reputation (show the world that your site is current, spam-free and clean).


By Sabrina Cox






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